Musings About Writing The Second Book…


So this is where I’m at….

I’ve written my first contemporary romance and I’m querying agents. This is the first stage of a very long process and I’ve had numerous rejections *keep it together, KT, keep it together*, one agent who has shown interest and requested my full manuscript.

While all this is going on, I’m supposed to be writing the second book in the proposed series. Easy enough, right?


I have been blocked – and I mean BLOCKED – on this whole process for weeks. It’s partly dealing with the rejections and the inevitable blows to my self-confidence, but it’s also about wanting to know that I’ve written the first one well enough to write another one.

This is not a helpful thought to be processing because unless I want to pay out six or seven hundred quid for an independent editor to look at my work (and I don’t!), then no one is going to tell me diddly squat about my first manuscript.

So, after tinkering with my planning and basically farting around on social media the other day, I read an article from The Observer about Kristen Ashley. If you don’t know who she is, she’s a really successful self-published romance author, with a back catalogue of fifty odd books.

Anyway, the main point that I took from this article is that she’d written TWENTY-FIVE books before she published anything.


She’d been writing for fifteen years, rejected by so many agents and publishers before she decided to self-publish. That is perseverance like I’ve rarely seen.

But also I think she must just love to write – something that my partner reminded me of during one of my angst-ridden episodes about this second book:

“Don’t forget that you’re supposed to be enjoying this. You love to write – remember that.”

So, I’m fighting my way through the self-imposed pressure that I’m under, trying to find my happy again. It doesn’t stop me wanting this really badly, and it doesn’t stop me worrying about this second book, but it does make me remember that nothing worth having comes easily.